Can you clean your hot tub by yourself? Is it necessary to hire a pool contractor to clean the hot tub? Yes, you can clean it yourself, but do you want to? Truly, how much free time do you have and if you have limited free time wouldn’t you rather soak than perform maintenance? That is a personal decision, the best pool contractors from Imperial Pools in Champaign, IL explains.

There are hot tub and swimming owners who care for and do the maintenance and service of their hot tub and pool. It definitely can be done, but it can be a delicate balancing act to get the chemistry balanced and if you’re adding a bit of this and a bit of that in order to get the chemistry balanced, chances are you’re going to be spending more money than if you hired a pool contractor experienced in service and maintenance.

Whether you’re new to hot tub ownership or have had one for years, you know it’s a luxury backyard item. You can also use a hot tub year round and it’s quite decadent to be soaking when it’s snowing!

Is it necessary to hire a pool contractor to clean the hot tub

Here is what we will do when we clean, service and maintain your hot tub.

  • Drain it and thoroughly clean it when necessary. This is done at least once or twice a season. We will drain it, clean it, refill it and add chemicals.
  • Test and balance the water chemistry. Because of the temperature of the water, bacteria can grow more quickly so it is crucial that the water chemistry is maintained.
  • Thoroughly clean and sanitize the hot tub cover to assure no mold is growing.
  • Perform a thorough inspection of hot tub equipment to ensure it is working at optimal efficiency.
  • Give you a report on any potential issues and what you can do to address them.

Give us a call and let’s schedule a visit to give you an estimate on pool cleaning and maintenance and hot tub cleaning and maintenance. Use your free time for enjoyment, not for cleaning!

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