Once the swimming pool has been constructed one of the biggest ongoing expense is refilling the swimming pool. You certainly don’t want to ban cannonballs, but you do want to find ways to easily save water in the pool. The swimming pool contractors in Mahomet, Illinois who work at Imperial Pools, Inc. have 5 pool water saving tips that won’t have you banning splashing fun and cannonballs!

Even if you’re not in drought prone areas, saving water just makes sense for the environment and your wallet, right? Also, when you conserve water you also may be able to cut back on the amount of pool chemicals required to keep the water always bright, clear, clean and swimmable.

5 pool water saving tips

These are easy ways to save water and may not even cost you a dime.

  • Use a swimming pool cover. That bears repeating… use a swimming pool cover when you’re not in the pool. Evaporation is the biggest culprit of water loss. If you don’t use a cover, you could potentially lose — wait for it — up to 7,000 gallons of water a year! Calculate the cost of the cover against the money you’re spending refilling up to 7,000 gallons of water!
  • Are there any leaks? Have your pool contractor look for leaks when he is performing pool maintenance. You can also do the “bucket test” to test for leaks or whether it’s more a case of evaporation or splash out.
  • Keep the water at proper levels. It should be an inch above the bottom pool tile because this will keep the water from splashing out as easily
  • If you heat the pool water, drop it a degree or two — no one will notice and you will save money on evaporation
  • Fencing and landscaping with trees and shrubbery to prevent wind from blowing across the surface of the pool and causing it to evaporate.

The next time we pay a service visit, let’s have a conversation about water conservation!

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