Quick! How much free time do you have on a weekly basis? Not much? What would you rather do when you have free time: clean the pool or swim in the pool? We have 4 reasons to hire a pool service contractor and time-saving and free time might just be one!

The swimming pool service contractors from Imperial Pools in Champaign, Illinois both build and service and maintain swimming pools for their customers. They understand there are DIYers who love nothing more than to play with the pool water chemistry, and like a mad scientist, work to bring it all back in line. They also know they get great satisfaction from cleaning their own pool, but for those who don’t want that hassle, here are four reasons to hire it out.

 4 reasons to hire a pool service contractor

  1. Time saving. Pool cleaning takes about four hours per month. An experienced pool contractor will typically spend between 30 minutes and one hour a week for a full pool cleaning. They can do it in that length of time because they know what they’re doing because they do it all the time. Please note, we said a pool contractor knows what he is doing — it may take you longer.
  2. Money-saving. Because a pool contractor understands, from experience, which chemicals to add to get the pool water balanced again, he will do it once and be done with it. An inexperienced DIY pool cleaner will add one chemical, test, then add another and so on and so on until it’s done. Plan to spend about $125 a month, on average, for pool cleaning. Also note, if you clean your pool on your own you need to buy all of the chemicals up front and have a safe, secure place to store them.
  3. Water chemistry testing… because it bears repeating.¬†Testing and balancing pool chemicals can take about two hours per month. If you aren’t comfortable reading water test strip results you may have to go to a pool service company and ask them to interpret it for you (that is taking more time). Then you will have to go home and work on adding the chemicals until they are balanced. During this time you may be missing out on precious swim time.
  4. Equipment knowledge. If you aren’t aware of whether your pool equipment is operating the way it should, you may not even notice when a piece of equipment is wearing out or breaking down — until it’s too late. An experienced pool contractor will notice and explain your options and can save you money by addressing a piece of pool equipment that is breaking down by repairing it.

If you’ve been taking on the maintenance of your pool and are ready to use your free time for swimming instead of cleaning, give us a call!