Woohoo! You’re going to have a family swimming pool. After years of wanting one and of saving for one, now is the time. There will be so many questions to answer and decisions to make but there are 3 key swimming pool considerations your pool contractor from Imperial Pools in Decatur, Illinois will discuss with you — up front.

What are those key considerations?

  1. Size
  2. Depth
  3. Shape

All of your other decisions will flow (pardon the pun!) from the decisions you make initially.

3 key swimming pool considerations

You will want your swimming pool to fit your family’s lifestyle, entertaining style, budget and the space you have available for a swimming pool. There are many creative ways to get everything you want in your swimming pool, but depending on how you answer some of the questions, some options may be limited. For example, you cannot have a diving board unless your pool is deep enough and wide enough to legally accommodate it.

 Pool size. How will you use the pool? What is your budget? How much yard space do you have available? You will need to answer those questions before you can truly determine how big your pool will be — width and length. How many people do you anticipate being in the pool regularly. Regularly is important because if you throw the occasional party and the pool is overflowing with people, that shouldn’t be the deciding factor on size.

As mentioned, if you want a diving board your pool must meet specific safety criteria.

How much yard space do you have and how much do you want “left over” once the pool is installed? Don’t forget to plan for outdoor poolside living areas and a space to simply relax in the yard when you’re planning the size of the pool.

Pool depth. Many pool owners enjoy having a deep end and a shallow end in their swimming pools. This accommodates younger swimmers and also gives stronger swimmers a place where they can swim in deep water. The most recent trend in pool depth, though has been toward a deep end in the middle and shallow ends on both ends of the pool.

Again, though if you want a diving board, there are specific depth requirements.

Think about the age, fitness levels and mobility levels of those who will regularly use the pool and plan the depth accordingly.

Pool shape. This is where you can get creative with your fiberglass pool. No longer are fiberglass pools relegated to kidney shape or rectangle — there are more modern and unique shapes from which to choose. A consideration may be whether you want the pool to fit into your existing landscape or if you want to shape the landscape to fit the pool. Shape is typically more of a personal choice than the other options — depth and size — and you can get creative with the shape of your pool.

Now that you’re thinking about those three pool considerations, give us a call and let’s look at your yard space and talk about depth, shape and size.