You want to make sure you start spreading the word today that you’re going to be having a 4th of July pool party before your friends and family make other plans! Call or text or email and ask them to “save the date” for your party. If you’re like most people, you had to cancel parties last year because of the coronavirus pandemic and because of that, you’re getting back into parties and to being with friends and family and your July 4th party is a great occasion!

We have tips on how t have a great 4th of July pool party this summer. Many times our customers come to us and ask for tips on pool party planning, advice on pool safety and scheduling an additional pool cleaning after the party.

What can you do to have a fun and safe time during your Independence Day pool party?

How to have a great 4th of July pool party

Give the swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools, Inc. in Decatur, Illinois a call, ask for a pool cleaning and advice for pool fun and for items and accessories you may want to invest in for your pool party.

Because most July 4th parties involve outdoor activities, here are five tips to maximize your fun and safety:

  • Stock up on sunscreen in varying levels of SPF. Chances are they won’t remember their own, so buy some and keep them handy for them to use.
  • Keep water available — we know you want to have some adult beverages, but drink water too to stave off dehydration. Make certain the children, if they’re running around out in the sun, stay hydrated too.
  • Wear sunglasses and a hat if you’re going to be in the sun. You may even want to go to the dollar store and pick up extra sunglasses for your guests.
  • Keep foods out of the hot sun and on ice or in a refrigerator. Keep the bugs off it by using tented covers (you can pick these up at a low cost).
  • Children should never swim alone. Invest in additional life vests or ask guests to bring theirs with them. Make sure each parent of a child is being responsible for his or her own children.

Make your plans today for your party. Start stocking up on items you’ll need. Put your menu together and let your guests know what’s on the menu and if they want to bring something along, say yes! Give us a call and get on our schedule for an additional pool cleaning.

Enjoy the summer!