Hot tubs and spas are in demand when the summer months are waning and winter is getting under way. And why not!? They have warm water, jets and can take the chill out of your bones and joints on a chilly winter day. If you’ve had a pool for a while or even if you don’t have a pool but want some sort of water-filled body of water in your yard, we have 3 things to consider for a hot tub purchase.

The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools, Inc. in Decatur, IL have put together an article with tips to help you make the best, most informed decision you can.

What do you need to think about?

  1. Location
  2. What you can afford
  3. How large you want it (this could be determined by how many people will regularly use the hot tub (regularly being the main point)

Do your homework and find a hot tub or swimming pool contractor who understands what you want and what you have to spend. Prices for hot tubs can range anywhere from as low as $2,000 up to… well, $30,000 or more! When budgeting for your hot tub, make sure you budget for the slab on which it will reside, the cover and cover lifter if you want one, any accessories like heated towel racks or wine cooler.

3 Things To Consider For A Hot Tub Purchase

The location of the hot tub could also potentially add to the price of the project because you may need to run additional electric and plumbing as well as walkways to get to and from. Plan to sit in a hot tub before you make your purchase so you know where you want the jets placed, how you want them located, seating types and the number and types of jets, too. There are jets that are therapeutic as well as relaxing.

Don’t forget to ask about potential increases in utility bills once you’re running the heater and pump for the hot tub.

Ask us for an estimate on hot tub upkeep and maintenance as that is one of the costs you need to consider and budget for. Give us a call and let’s set up an appointment to talk about your hot tub purchase.