No one wants their teeth to be chattering when they jump into the swimming pool. No one wants to jump into the swimming pool and break into a sweat because the water is so warm. Why is the pool water so hot, it’s a question the swimming pool contractors in Decatur, IL from Imperial Pools, Inc. answer all the time.

There is a happy medium when it comes to pool water. You don’t want to be cold, nor do you want to be hot. Swimming shouldn’t feel like taking a bath. It’s rare that a swimming pool would get uncomfortably warm (unless you live in Arizona, for example) but it does happen.

If you drop the pool thermometer in and notice it’s in the high eighty or low ninety-degree range, you won’t truly enjoy the time you’re spending in the pool. In fact, you may not even use the pool. There are ways to cool the water — some unorthodox but if you need to do something we have options.

Why is the pool water so hot?

Try some or all of these pool water cool down methods to make swimming a cooler event.

  1. This may seem a little crazy, and you will need to buy a LOT of ice, but a pool can be cooled down with ice. Buy some, dump it in and cool the water down. It is a quick and dirty fix and is rather dramatic.
  2. Install a reverse-cycle heat pump. This will cool the water, not heat it.
  3. Avoid running the pool pump and filter during the daytime. Anything you can do to avoid running electricity into your pool will help keep it cooler. Run the pump and filter after the sun goes down.
  4. Landscaping like trees or shrubbery or awnings can block the rays of the sun and keep the water cooler.
  5. Install a water fountain in the pool. Keeping hte water circulating will help keep the water cooler.

We usually recommend always using a pool cover, but if the water is too warm, keep the cover off to help the heat release into the air.