Imperial Pool Builders in Champaign, IL explain swimming pool plumbing 

Just because you don’t see the plumbing that keeps your swimming pool operational, you may wonder what’s going on with your pool plumbing? After all, just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean there couldn’t be something going on behind the walls of your swimming pool — you’ve heard of people having leaks in their indoor plumbing and didn’t know about it until the water bill had skyrocketed, right?

The swimming pool plumbing is an intricate network of pipes and plumbing that keeps the water flowing smoothly to the faucets in your home and in your pool. For the average pool owner here are tips from the swimming pool contractors form Imperial Pool Builders regarding swimming pool plumbing — to help you understand if anything goes wrong with the pool plumbing.

  • Whether you’re repairing a sink trap or installing a new drain everything needs to be tight enough to not leak but not so tight it could cause problems if you need to work on it in the future.  Hand tightening means you won’t need to use all your strength to tighten it. Keep this in mind if you ever see water leaking from any of the pipes of the pool.
  • Test a section of plumbing you’ve worked on by running water through the pipes and look for leaks. If you see leaks, tighten the pipe a bit more to see if that addresses it. Leave the water running while you tighten problem areas. This secret helps eliminate the frustration of having to tear the wall apart again.
  • One tool you need if you have a swimming pool is a pipe wrench. These wrenches adjust to the pipe dimension you’re working with. Other tools in the must-have list for plumbing are screwdriver, various sizes of washers and some PTFE tape. For many pool owners, the best “tool” and the secret to the success of pool plumbing problems is to work with a swimming pool contractor who understands how to fix and find leaks before they cause any permanent damage to th epool structure.

When you’re out working in the yard around the pool, pay attention to any standing water and if you see any you will want to contract your pool service pool contractor to help determine what’s going on with the pool plumbing.