Imperial Pool Builders, serving Champaign & Decatur, IL explain permits needed for a swimming pool project

Almost any project you undertake at your home or in your yard will require you to apply for building permits. A swimming pool project will also likely involve visits by municipal code and zoning enforcement officers as the project progresses. A pool contractor will explain what kind of permits are needed for a pool project. Municipalities have varying levels of required paperwork that must be obtained prior to a project kicking off. In some areas of the country you may need to obtain permits and have inspections for remodeling projects. Working with a swimming pool contractor from Imperial Pools helps assure you have an experienced business partner who will help you navigate the maze of building permits.

What kind of permits are needed for a swimming pool project?

When you work with an experienced swimming pool contractor he or she will help you understand what permits are needed and how to obtain them. Prior to any construction being started, your pool contractor will need to research the laws about setbacks and construction as it relates to your property lines. He will understand the legalities and let you know where your pool can be situated and its size. This means you don’t want to consider a pool that is too large to fit in with the legal guidelines. Be aware that zoning laws could place restrictions on the size and style of swimming pool and could impact upgrades you may want to make to an existing swimming pool.

It may seem intrusive, but building codes are in place to enforce minimum construction requirements and ensure safety for construction projects. Don’t forget to ask us about the potential for adding a patio, pool fence and other outdoor amenities you may want as part of your overall swimming pool installation or renovation project. You will want to ask your pool contractor how long it typically takes to obtain building permits and factor that into your overall pool project timeline.