The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pool Builders, serving Decatur & Champaign, IL get asked quite regularly, “what is an infinity pool?” The quick answer is: An infinity pool is one that takes full advantage of your “yard with a view.”

A longer answer is that an infinity pool is a work of art that highlights the beauty of your unique yard and makes it appear as though your pool is lacking an edge and that the water is simply cascading off into the horizon (it’s note!)

What is an infinity pool?

 If you have the budget for it, an infinity pool is a dramatic swimming pool design that not only highlights the beauty of your yard, but enhances the aesthetics of the pool itself. An infinity aka vanishing edge pool, is a design that brings oohhhs and aaahhhhs from your guests.

The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools explain a vanishing edge pool will make visitors to your house  “oohh” and aahhh.” When you have a vanishing edge pool constructed you are keeping the sightline of the yard open and that shows off the view — and that is probably one of the reasons you purchased your home, right?

What you need to know about an infinity pool

  1. They do have four walls. The fourth wall is clear and it appears as though the water is spilling off into the horizon. The water, though, is being captured and returned to the pool — no wasting of water.
  2. Gunite is the building material you will need to have your pool constructed from if you’re looking for an infinity pool. You can have your pool constructed of virtually any shape to make full advantage of the unique yard space.
  3. Add exotic coping and unique pool tiles to truly add to the aesthetic appeal of the vanishing edge swimming pool.
  4. Hire a pool contractor who has experience building these unique, complex pools. Ask for his portfolio of designs and talk with other clients for whom he’s built an infinity pool.
  5. Know that once you have an infinity pool built, you will likely be moving your indoor living to the out of doors so don’t forget to plan for your pool deck and outdoor living area so you can enjoy the pool even when you’re not swimming!

Talk with us today whether you want an infinity swimming pool or a traditional pool for your family.