What is a swim spa? Champaign & Decatur, IL pool builders explain 

Ask anyone who owns a swimming pool and they will tell you that swimming is both healthful and relaxing. The reasons vary but if you swim you get a great cardio vascular workout without jarring or pain on your. Swimming tones muscles and burns calories and is fun! What is a swim spa and how can it help you enjoy the water? The pool contractors from Imperial Pools and Spas explain.

What is a swim spa?

When trying to decide whether to get a pool or a swim spa, you can talk with us to help make the decision. The budget you have for the project as well as the space you have available for it, are two deciding factors in whether to get a swim spa. swim spa What are the benefits and what is a swim spa?

  • It can be a bother to pack up your swim items into your car and go to a beach, having your own pool or swim spa relieves that burden
  • Swim spas don’t take up as much space as traditional pools do
  • Swim spas can be equipped with jets to help you get in a better work out as you “swim upstream” into the jets.
  • A swim spa is a great place for friends and family to gather
  • Having your own swim spa means you can swim when you want

Choosing a swim spa is a viable alternative to digging up the yard to have a regulation-sized pool. A swim spa is self-contained and can be installed indoors or outside and they don’t take up much space. A spa workout is much like running on a treadmill because you’re “swimming in place” against the current. A swim spa might cost around $20,000.

Ask us for more information on whether this is a viable option for you and your family.