Imperial Pools contractors explain what goes into a pool construction project

When you’re in the market for a new swimming pool we understand it can be overwhelming and fraught with myriad decisions. Setting the budget for the project is the first step and one of the first things you will be tasked with doing before you even jump into design, accessories, hiring a pool contractor and construction questions that will arise. You will want to talk with one of the swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools who will explain what goes into a pool construction project.

What happens during the pool construction?

You will first need to choose from a fiberglass, concrete or vinyl liner pool. After you’ve done that, the process for construction can be determined. Each type of pool has its own unique advantages and drawbacks that you will want to thoroughly understand before making a decision.

How long will it take to have a pool constructed?

This, again, will depend on the construction material you choose for your pool. A fiberglass pool could take between one month and six weeks; concrete from two to five months; vinyl liner, takes longer than fiberglass, so plan on more than a month and less than two. All construction time lines hinge on the amount of landscaping to be done, the ease of access to the yard and the material chosen.

What goes into a pool construction project

What issues can arise during a construction project?

  1. There could be a leak
  2. There could be structural issues
  3. The ground could collapse or be rocky and both lead to construction delays

How can you find a contractor for your project?

Ask friends and neighbors for a recommendation on a pool contractor. Go online and check out the websites of potential pool contractors. Visit their showrooms, and talk with them about your project then gather a couple of estimates from a couple of contractors. Begin talking and meeting with potential swimming pool contractors now so you can be well on the way to having your new pool project ready once summer is in full swing.