Imperial Pool Builders, serving Champaign & Decatur, IL offer ways to save water in your swimming pool 

Cannonballs anyone? Let’s face it, cannonballs and splashing around in the swimming pool are fun bur if you’re looking for ways to save water in your swimming pool, the pool contractors from Imperial Pools have advice. Remember, you don’t have to live in drought-prone areas to want to conserve water in your swimming pool. Bottom line, it’s a money-saving measure because the more water that gets splashed out, the more you need to refill and that costs you money in both the water use and in having to add more chemicals to the water to keep it balanced.

Ways to save water in your swimming pool

Pool water fact: If you don’t use a swimming pool cover the pool can lose up to half its entire volume over the course of a season? A pool can lose up to an inch a week during the warm months — a potential loss of 7,000 gallons a year! Food (or water!) for thought! Makes sense to invest in a pool cover as it will pay for itself in water savings.

Here are other ways to conserve water in your swimming pool:

  • Have your pool contractor check the pool for leaks. Ask about the “bucket test” to see if your pool has a leak or if it is losing water because of splashing or evaporation. If you notice standing water around the pool, this could indicate a leak. Give us a call.
  • The water level should be an inch above the bottom pool tile to keep water in when swimmers are splashing.
  • Reduce water temperature. Even one or two degrees can make a big difference in water lost through evaporation.
  • Landscape for water conservation. Planting trees and shrubs and adding fencing can help prevent evaporation. Wind blowing across the water leads to evaporation, strategic planting can help eliminate some of that.

If you’re curious about other ways to save money and water and don’t want to ask your kids to stop doing cannonballs ask us for more tips when we come for a pool service visit.