Pool builders in Champaign, IL explain the benefits of poolside kitchens 

Swimming pool owners know that once summer has settled in, the idea of spending time in the house “slaving over a hot stove” is not something that anyone enjoys! The swimming pool builders from Imperial Pools understand that and work with their clients to have outdoor kitchens installed. With an outdoor kitchen set-up you could potentially live out of doors from dawn until well after dusk.

Ask your pool contractor what would be involved in the installation of an outdoor kitchen, how it will fit into your outdoor kitchencurrent landscaping and outdoor living space and the steps necessary to kick off the project. You will also need to decide your budget for the project as well as for the appliances and extras you want to have installed as part of the project.

Once you’ve made the decision on having an outdoor kitchen installed, here are some accessories and extras you may want to invest in:

  • Consider a stove top, oven and a grill combination unit for complete cooking versatility.
  • With a grill and a pizza stone you can make pizza in the out of doors without having to heat up the kitchen because you’re running your oven
  • Perforated or mesh stainless steel pans are ideal for outdoor cooking. Also, having an additional set of cookware, flatware and silverware for the outdoor kitchen alleviates the need to run back and forth when meal times roll around.
  • Grill roaster racks allow you to stack and cook multiple items at once.
  • A unique cooking accessory is a “salt plate.” These plates are placed directly on the grill and make an ideal place to grill meat or seafood. It not only cooks evenly but imparts a unique flavor from the salt that is embedded in the plate.
  • If hot dogs are more your style, look for a hot dog roller. You can roast sausages or hot dogs, cook them evenly and have grill marks — prized by foodies!
  • Flavor-imbued wood chips enhance your grilled foods with subtle flavors.

Talk to your pool contractor about weather proof appliances and cabinetry and determine if this is the summer you move your indoor living to the out of doors with the installation of an outdoor kitchen!