Owning a swimming pool means owning the upkeep and maintenance that comes along with it. The swimming pool contractors in Champaign, Illinois offer tips for choosing a pool service contractor. Call Imperial Pools, LLC if you’re looking to hand the reins of pool service over to the pros in 2023.

You want your swimming pool to be crystal clear every time you’re ready to jump in and if you’re a DIYer you may have found it takes a lot longer than you imagined it would.

Swimming pools require daily, weekly and periodic cleaning and maintenance. Daily maintenance makes sure the pool water is always ready for a swim and is designed to make certain there are not unsafe bacteria levels that could make your swimmers ill. Weekly maintenance tasks ensure your pool doesn’t get overtaken by algae. Periodic maintenance is something your pool tech will do and will hone in on various equipment, filters and general pump maintenance.

While we hope you never need emergency maintenance services or repair you may find it easier to get that service if you have a relationship with a pool contractor before the need arises. A pool that is maintained on a regular schedule means you might not require emergency cleanings, but if your pool suffers chemical imbalances or faulty equipment, the water can turn green quickly.  When that happens, and the water turns green, you will need to have a maintenance and service professional you can count on to turn things around.

Tips for choosing a pool service contractor

Talk with us about what services we will perform during a pool service visit. You want to know when you sign up with a pool contractor what is included, and what’s not and how often the service will be performed.

  1. Daily maintenance involves testing the water chemistry.
  2. Weekly maintenance includes adding chlorine if it’s needed that’s needed to kill bacteria and other micro-organisms that might make the water unhealthy for swimming. Chemicals will also be added during the weekly maintenance visit to prevent the growth of algae.
  3. Periodic maintenance could include checking and cleaning the pool filtering systems. Pumps and electrical systems will also be checked to make certain they are in optimal running condition.

Between service visits you may want to skim off floating debris or even vacuum to pick up debris that has fallen to the bottom of the pool. You will also want to clean the skimmer baskets to remove debris that has collected there.

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