Long gone are the days of tossing a child off a pier and tell him to “sink or swim.” Or maybe that is an old wives tale – we certainly hope it is! Introducing your baby or child to a swimming pool in a safe manner will help her learn to love the water and not fear it. We have tips for the best way to swim with a baby that will help both of you enjoy it!

The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools, Inc in Decatur, Illinois know that families love to spend time together and a pool is one of the best ways to bond with one another. It’s obvious that you need to be extremely careful every time you’re in and around the pool.

There are also ways to hold your baby that are not only safe, but will help your child feel safe and protected and that could foster a love of swimming.

The best way to swim with a baby

Here are some baby-safe holds

  1. Face to Face: Your baby or child will appreciate this and it is also one of the most versatile hold. Put your hands under your baby’s armpits, put your thumbs around his or her shoulders and hold on! If your child is old enough he may enjoy kicking and splashing knowing you have a hold of him.This is a great way to let your baby kick while keeping the baby’s face out of the water.
  2. Hug Hold: This is a hold that will help your baby feel the most secure. The hug hold is just what it sounds like and is the same as you would hold him if you were outside of the pool.
  3. A Pass Hold is useful if your baby is old enough and adventureous enough to want to kick and splash. Hold him on your side with a hand under their armpit and your other hand around his back. This gives the baby some freedom of movement while also keeping her head above water.

Getting your baby acclimated to the swimming pool when they are young and introducing it to them in a fun safe way will help build a lifetime love of water.

Give us a call to ensure your pool water is safe and bacteria-free every time you and your child swim.