As a new pool owner you were faced with so many decisions and expenses. An expense you thought you coudl do without was a pool cover, right. The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools in Decatur, Illinois discuss the benefits of swimming pool covers.

Yes, a pool cover is an expense BUT it may also save you money! When you make an investment in a swimming pool cover, you’re helping save money on pool chemicals and cut back on the water lost through evaporation, adding an additional layer of safety and keeping the pool water cleaner. 

The benefits of swimming pool covers

Even though a swimming pool cover doesn’t do anything to add to the fun you have in your swimming pool, it is an accessory that should be considered a necessity when you’re planning for your pool construction project.  

No matter whether you’re getting an in ground or an above ground swimming pool, there are pool covers to fit any style and shape of pool. Just as you need pool fencing to conform to municipal regulations for pool safety, you should look at a pool cover as a must have, not a maybe-we-will-get-one-later.

When investing in and researching the pool cover for your pool, look at the different styles. There are those that simply cover the pool and there are those that act as safety covers. Safety pool covers will cost more, but if you have children or pets in the household this is an added layer of safety because a pool cover could keep a child or pet from falling into the water. Redundancy is ideal when it comes to swimming pool safety.

Talk with us about the different types of pool covers that are available and what is the best type cover for your budget and for your family needs.