When you’re having a swimming pool constructed in your backyard, imagine seeing what it would look like as a 3D rendering. You may also want to ask your pool contractor from the best pool builder in Champaign, Illinois about the benefit of 3D pool designs. One of the best reasons for this technology is it gives you a “real life” view of how the pool will look once it’s constructed.

A 3D rendering makes it easier for you to envision what the completed pool project will look like once it’s done. A 3D rendering allows the pool contractor to move the pool to different areas of the yard to let you see what it will look like. The 3D rendering gives you the option to envision various pool shapes as well.

The benefit of 3D pool designs

Until recently, swimming pool projects were sketched out on a notepad or on a blueprint. While that gave you an idea of what it might look like it was still a surprise if you couldn’t envision what it would truly look like complete — unless you had a very good imagination.

Another benefit of a 3D rendering is that you can rest assured that the pool will look as you imagined and you can also see how it will fit into the landscape of the backyard. A 3D rendering and that technology mean that your pool contractor can make any change you wish to see at the click of a mouse instead of having to re-draw the blueprint of the pool layout.

What are some other benefits of getting a 3D rendering of your potential pool project? Here are a few:

  1.  It takes away the guesswork. It is difficult to imagine what the yard will truly look like with a pool taking over.
  2. It gives you the option of adding accessories, a deck, a pool house and other water features without the expense then potential regret if you don’t like it as much as you’d imagined.
  3. You will be able to look at the project as though you’re ground level as well as birds-eye view.

It won’t be long before virtual reality hits the pool construction industry. You might be able to put on virtual reality glasses and take a “tour” of your pool and backyard space as though the pool were already there.

If you’re looking for a new pool this year, give us a call, let’s talk and get the project underway so you will be swimming this year!