At some point, you will look at your swimming pool and realize you either want to have it renovated or there will be items your swimming pool contractor from Imperial Pools, Inc in Champaign, IL will recommend. We have put together a list of swimming pool renovation ideas for 2022 that you may want to consider.

A renovation project will transform a well-loved but aging pool into a luxury pool. There are amenities that can be added that will add to the fun and there are those that add to the functionality. You need to set your budget and decide which items you want to address.

Swimming pool renovation ideas for 2022

Here are a few items to consider, set a budget for and talk with us about for your 2022 project.

  1. Do you want to update and add an aggregate pool plaster finish? Pool plaster protects concrete gunite swimming pools from damage and add aesthetically pleasing aspects. An aggregate finish adds to the durability of the surfaces of your swimming pool and come in a variety of textures and colors.
  2. From an energy saving and environmentally friendly stand point a salt water chlorinator system has a lot of benefits. These are taking hold and becoming more popular because they remove the need for the use of chlorine. They also eliminate the need to store and manually add chlorine. Chlorinators prevent itchy eyes and green hair.
  3. Upgrade the aesthetics by adding fiber optic or LED lights. Colored fiber optic lights can light up your entire underwater swimming area and can increase the value of your swimming pool. LED and fiber optics lights also create a dynamic background for night time gatherings. Opt for fiber optic lights installed at the bottom of the swimming pool or if you have a waterfall, consider adding lights to that area for a romantic effect.
  4. Add an electronic auto fill device. You know that your swimming pool loses water naturally through evaporation and through splashing, right? Installing an electronic auto fill can cut down on the amount of time you spend worrying about whether the pool needs to be refilled. If water levels get too low the filter and pump don’t function at peak levels. With an electronic auto fill, this device continually monitors the water levels of the swimming pool and will fill it accordingly. You won’t have to run a hose to fill the pool.
  5. If you didn’t have a deck installed when you got your pool constructed, add one this year. Chances are you know you’re spending more time around the pool than in it and the outdoor living space is key to enjoyment.

This is the perfect time to start a pool project so it can be done and waiting for you for the 2022 pool season. Give us a call!