Now that swim season 2018 is probably in the history books for many pool owners you may be wondering, should you renovate your swimming pool? There are some pool renovations that are must-dos and others that are nice-to-dos. Talk with your swimming pool contractor from Imperial Pools in Champaign, Illinois about the must-dos then show him your list of nice-to-dos and let him know your budget for the project.

There are amenities and accessories you can have added to your swimming pool to make it more fun than it was and you can also upgrade equipment to make the pool run more efficiently.

Should you renovate your swimming pool?

If you have a budget for your renovation project, here are some items to consider during your renovation project:

  1. Does the pool plaster need to be updated? Will an acid wash breathe new life into the pool and it’s look? If you are going to replaster, consider adding various textures, colors, pebbles, crystal or quartz into the aggregate to truly make it awe-inspiring.
  2. Switch from a traditional chlorine pool to a salt water swimming pool. Many people opt for salt water pools simply because they don’t want to swim in chlorinated water. Also, swimming in a salt water pool will make your skin feel silky smooth.
  3. Aesthetic upgrades include adding fiber optic or LED lights. Colored fiber optic lights illuminate the entire underwater swim area making it safer for night time swimming. If your pool has a waterfall, add lights for a romantic effect. Have the lighting installed with a light board so you can change colors and ambiance based on the mood of the evening.
  4. Diminsh worries and work time, on pool care by adding remote controlled or automatic robotic cleaners to help with between service clean ups. Ask us about other ways to automate pool care.
  5. If you never had a deck constructed, consider that as part of your renovation project.

Let your mind run wild (well as wild as your budget will allow!) when it comes to your pool upgrade and renovation project. Put together a list of items you can work on annually when your budget allows and chip away at items each year.