Should you remodel your swimming pool? It’s a question you may be asking yourself and it’s one that you can certainly talk with the pool contractors from Imperial Pool Bulders in Champaign, Illinois when they pay a service visit.

What are some reasons to remodel a swimming pool? 

  1. Energy efficiency
  2. To address problems with equipment
  3. To update and upgrade the pool liner or the concrete structure
  4. You’re simply tired of its look
  5. You want to add new features

Should you remodel your swimming pool?

  • Add or update your swimming pool features. If you want to upgrade current features or if you want to add a feature that you never had before, a pool remodel is the ideal time, and reason, to do so. Do you want to add a diving board? Are you interested in adding a rock waterfall or even doing a major overhaul and adding a deep end to a pool that is currently all one depth? You may want to add a hot tub or spa to the swimming pool if there is space and if you want to increase its functionality and use the pool/spa year-round.
  • A new pool finish will truly make your pool look brand new. A new finish will bring a drastic look and feel to the swimming pool area. Talk with us to determine the type feature you want for your swimming pool to upgrade its look and feel.
  • Should you remodel for safety? Adding or enhancing the safety around your swimming pool is one of the best reasons to remodel — especially if there are now children in the house if there weren’t when the pool was originally constructed. Ask us for advice on safety items you can use to enhance the safety around your pool.
  • Remodeling for energy efficiency and money saving. If you upgrade and update the pool equipment to more energy efficient models — Energy Star models — you may pay more up front, but ask us about the return on your investment if you upgrade to more energy efficient equipment. A change from a single speed pump to a variable speed pump is one of the biggest changes you can make.

Are you in the market for a swimming pool remodel? Talk with us today. Let’s see what we can do before swim season starts, what you can live with until swim season is over and what are some must-dos and want-to-dos for your pool this season.