Do you dread having to go indoors to cook dinner in the summertime? It means leaving your friends and family poolside and being in a hot kitchen. Should you have an outdoor kitchen? The swimming pool builders from Imperial Pools understand no one wants to be indoors during the fleeting months of summer and because of that they work with their customers to construct outdoor kitchens.

Should you have an outdoor kitchen?

 What is involved in having an outdoor kitchen constructed?

  1. Putting together a budget
  2. Deciding what items you want in your outdoor kitchen
  3. Choosing a location for the kitchen

How will an outdoor kitchen fit into your current outdoor living space? Will you need to have new concrete slab poured or is ther enough space to house the outdoor kitchen safely in your existing outdoor space?

What are some options for an outdoor kitchen project?

  • Stove top, oven and grill combination for cooking versatility.
  • A pizza oven.
  • Weather resistant cupboards, appliances and equipment.
  • An additional set of cookware, flatware, silverware and other meal items.
  • Grill roaster racks.
  • A hot dog roller. Roast sausages or hot dogs, cook them evenly and leave grill marks.
  • Flavor-imbued wood chips enhance your grilled foods with subtle flavors.
  • A smoker.
  • A grill that offers both gas and charcoal capabilities.

Talk with us to determine whether an outdoor kitchen makes sense for your budget and your family lifestyle. Many people find that they use the outdoor kitchen almost extensively during the summer and even well into the cooler months of autumn and winter when they still want to enjoy the delicious taste that only comes from food being cooked over open flames.

You could be having an outdoor kitchen constructed this summer without even having to lose swim time — depending on where the outdoor kitchen will be housed in relation to the pool and outdoor living space. Let’s get that outdoor party started!