Imperial Pool Builders, serving Decatur & Champaign, IL answer, “should you have an infinity pool?”

If you have a “yard wtih a view” you be wondering, “should you have an infinity pool”? The answer in many cases — if you have the budget, then an infinity pool will highlight the beauty of your yard. An infinity aka vanishing edge pool, are those pools in which one of the sides appears to be missing and the water appears to be flowing over the edge into the horizon.

A yard with a view makes an infinity pool even more breathtaking. The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools explain a vanishing edge pool will make visitors to your house¬†vanishing edge pool ¬†“oohh” and aahhh.” When you have a vanishing edge pool constructed you are also keeping the sightline of the yard open.

Should you have an infinity pool?

A vanishing edge pool does have four walls, even though it looks like they only have three. One side has no edge and it appears the water is spilling off into the horizon. The water is being captured and returned to the pool; no water is wasted. If you love your backyard, its view and the overall landscape of your yard a vanishing edge only serves to enhance the yard.

A vanishing edge pool is constructed of gunite. This means your pool can be constructed in virtually any shape or design that suits the layout of your landscape. Add exotic coping and unique pool tiles to the vanishing edge to further enhance its aesthetic appeal. Work with a swimming pool contractor who is well-versed in the construction of these unique swimming pools. Ask to see his portfolio and examples of other pool projects. Keep in mind you should be asking to see the portfolio of any pool contractor with whom you will be working.