Imperial Pool Builders, serving Champaign & Decatur IL ideas to safety enjoy your poolside fire pit. Now that summer is in the rear view mirror, you are probably spending more time in your outdoor living space and around the poolside fire pit and you need to assure that you, your family and your guests enjoy it safely.

Whether you have a fire pit or other fire accessory it can be a great way to still spend time around the pool while being warm and toasty. A fire pit or fire feature also adds intrigue and beauty to the poolside area. Talk with your swimming pool contractor from Imperial Pool Builders if it’s time to upgrade and update your pool patio with a fire pit or other fire accessory.

Safely enjoy your poolside fire pit

  • Never light a fire if there aren’t going to be adults present
  • No running around the fire pit or on the deck
  • Don’t throw anything into the fire pit
  • Stay far enough away so no one gets burned

What else should you consider if you’re going to get a fire pit? 

  1. The fuel. Propane, natural gas, gels or wood burning. Use hard woods like oak or cedar. Talk with us to gain an understanding of the pros and cons of each type of fire structure
  2. Construct the fire pit on a fireproof base
  3. Place it far away from any flammable items — your home, trees, etc.
  4. Use a cover or door on the fire pit/fireplace. A mesh cover allows you to see and hear the dancing flames but acts as a safety measure to keep sparks from flying out
  5. Fully extinguish the fire before you leave the outdoor space for the night. Don’t just let it “burn itself out.”

Add a fire pit to amp up the aesthetics and usability of your outdoor living space!