It may not seem like summer is slipping away — in fact, it seems like it’s just started BUT if you want to have a pool constructed and be able to swim in it in 2021, time’s a-wasting. Have you been thinking about and talking about getting a pool? Plan a pool project in 2021: 5 reasons to contact a pool contractor in Champaign, Illinois will be covered below.

The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools, Inc. can work with you to help you realize the dream of pool ownership but their schedule may mean you will have to wait a while to do a cannonball in your own pool! As you well know, being a pool owner is not a decision to take lightly; that being said, if you talk to anyone with a pool, they will tell you how incredible it is!

Plan a pool project in 2021: 5 reasons

Have the kids been asking for a pool? Do you and your family members want to just be able to stay home and swim and have a staycation instead of fighting the crowds? If you are still wondering whether you should get a pool, here are some options to think about.

  1. Swimming is exercise disguised as fun. Spending time with your family instead of staring at the screens is a great way to build memories.
  2. You will become party central!
  3. Memories for a lifetime — yes we mentioned family time in number one, but it bears repeating. When you’re in the pool playing games or just floating on rafts or eating meals poolside, these are days and memories you and your family will long remember. Besides, isn’t it more fun to be outside than indoors in the summer?
  4. Your property’s resale value may increase when you add a swimming pool. Don’t add a pool simply for potential resale value — add a pool becaue you want to enjoy it!
  5. Staycations are where it’s at! (bad grammar we know, but it’s true!) Friends and family may only have a couple week off for vacation, but when you have a pool, every day is a staycation!

Give us a call today and let’s talk about your 2021 swimming pool project and see what we can do to get you swimming this summer!