Lucky 7 Skimmer

Thursday Pools LLC is excited to introduce the Lucky 7 Skimmer, a skimmer explicitly designed for fiberglass pools. Our new skimmer design is manufactured with an improved 7-degree angle and mounting plate. The features of the Lucky 7 Skimmer make it easier to install, improves skimming function, optimizes water level, and provides a more polished look to a fiberglass pool.

Why Is It Important?

Traditional skimmers have long been an annoyance for fiberglass pool builders. Fiberglass pools are designed with sloping pool walls so that they can be pulled off the mold smoothly and nested for transportation. The slope of the pool walls range from five to ten degrees making it difficult to install an ordinary skimmer. Most skimmers on the market are created for vinyl pools or gunite pools and have been marketed for use on fiberglass pools. The only difference in the skimmers that are marketed for fiberglass pools is that these skimmers are not packaged with gaskets.

Since the angle of the fiberglass pool wall is not considered, the skimmer must be adjusted during installation by using extension collars to reach their optimum skimmer function.

Our Lucky 7 Skimmer will impact the entire fiberglass pool industry.

Features of Our New Lucky 7 Skimmer Design

7° Angle for Easy Installation

Our skimmer is manufactured to account for a five to ten degree draft angle most fiberglass pool manufacturer’s use. The angled skimmer reduces the number of extension collars required to level the skimmer and makes for an easier installation. The angle also allows the pool to reach its optimum water level.

Improved Mounting Plate

The lip that slips into the skimmer opening on a traditional skimmer mounting plate is not wide enough to cover thicker fiberglass pools. While this does not hurt the fiberglass pool, it does not complete the finished look that we have in mind. When we designed our fiberglass pool skimmer, we created the mounting plate to extend out farther to ensure the raw fiberglass pool is not exposed. Because our improved mounting plate is large enough to cover all fiberglass material, the mounting plate provides you with a more polished look.

Our Lucky 7 Skimmer is the only skimmer in the fiberglass pool industry manufactured specifically for fiberglass pools.

The Lucky 7 Skimmer Manufactured to Meet the Needs of Fiberglass Pools

  • No more additional extension collars required
  • No raw fiberglass exposed
  • No installation hassle the traditional skimmer caused on fiberglass pools
  • A faster and more efficient installation process