Did you know that you can landscape the swimming pool for aesthetics and economy? It’s true. Thoughtful placement of landscaping items such as trees and even the type of pool fence you use could play a role in limiting the water evaporation and in helping keep debris from the water and keeping the pool water warm.

When you have a swimming pool it provides health benefits and entertainment value and a place for a staycation every weekend! A swimming pool may even add to the resale value of your property.

Spend some time talking with your swimming pool contractor from Imperial Pools in Decatur, Illinois about how the poolside landscaping and outdoor living space can enhance not only the enjoyment you get from the pool, but the money you may save.

Landscape the swimming pool for aesthetics and economy

If you’re not sure what type of landscaping you should incorporate, talk with us. We can lend our expertise to your project and help you attain the look and feel you want for the project — whether it’s for aesthetics or economy or both. A major conversation you need to have before you tackle any landscaping project is proper run off and drainage. You don’t want to develop a project that will lead to water and dirt running off into the pool during a rain storm.

From an economical standpoint, your landscaping project can help cut down on water evaporation and that can be a big money saver. There are specific methods of┬álandscaping that provide long-term effects on the pool. With the potential for a higher water bill if you need to keep refilling the pool, it’s important to conserve natural resources and landscaping certainly helps.

Talk with us for suggestions on the types of trees and shrubbery you want to plant to slow the air flow across the top of the pool. You certainly don’t want to slow air flow and thus evaporation with trees or shrubbery that will be dropping sap or flowers or draw bees to the pool.

Don’t forget to look at your pool fence as not only a necessary safety measure, but as a way to add to the design and economy of owning a swimming pool. Give us a call today if you’re a new pool owner or if you’re an existing pool owner who wants to upgrade and update your poolside landscape.