It’s bad enough when the brds mess up your newly washed vehicle, but you certainly don’t want to think about birds or ducks or geese swimming around in your swimming pool or even making messes on the pool cover itself. The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pool Bulders in Champaign, Illinois offer these tips to keep birds out of your swimming pool.

Keep birds out of your swimming pool

  1. Always use a cover. If the birds can’t get to the water, they can contaminate it. If they’re looking for water to swim in or to drink and you have a cover on, they may move on to a target that is easier to get to.
  2.  If you use an automatic swimming pool cleaner or an automatic chlorine dispenser its movement might just deter birds from landing on your pool’s surface, the movement of the cleaner or dispenser on the surface of the water will scare them enough to keep them away.
  3. Stick some toy pinwheels or larger spinning objects poolside to scare them away.
  4. Keep inflatable pool toys in the pool. We usually recommend removing toys from the pool for safety’s sake, but if you’re trying to keep birds away, it might make sense to let the toys float on the surface.
  5. If you have a dog, let him run around the pool area (outside of the safety fence so he doesn’t fall in!) and bark at the birds to scare them away.
  6. Noisy items pool side, those that move with the wind, will also scare birds away.
  7. Make certain there is no food lying around that birds enjoy eating.
  8. Cut back any overhanging branches so they can’t perch on them and leave their droppings in the pool water.

If you still can’t get rid of the birds in your swimming pool give us a call and let’s try to come up with different suggestions.