Imperial Pool Builders offer pool renovation ideas

We don’t want to think about it, but summer will be wrapping up in a little more than a month and that means it is the ideal tiem to talk with your swimming pool contractor from Imperial Pool Builders¬†about whether there are any items in your swimming pool that are in need of renovation, repair or replacement. You certainly don’t want to lose valuable swimming pool time to begin a renovation project, but you do want to get on the calendar of your pool contractor if your pool needs some off-season work.

Is it time to renovate the pool?

Here are a few items to talk with your pool contractor about. You will also want to ask whether he sees any items that need to be renovated, updated or repaired.

  1. Should you upgrade pool equipment? Does your deck need to be changed and updated? An upgrade or update could include the installation of a hot tub or spa — if you want to do a major project, that is!. This luxury upgrade could allow you to go from the heated water of the spa to the pool seamlessly. The money you spend to replace older non energy efficient equipment will be realized in savings in your utility bills.
  2. Chipped or discolored or worn pool tile replacement or repair. Tiles could be replaced for aesthetic or safety. Upgrading pool tiles breathes new life into your pool.
  3. Add accessories in your renovation project. Add a diving board or slide. Add a rock waterfall or a grotto or sun shelves. You may even want to remove a diving board or a slide if they aren’t getting used any longer.

Work with a qualified, experienced swimming pool contractor for all of your pool renovation needs. Ask your trusted pool contractor to give your pool an inspection with an eye toward items that are in need of replacement now, will need to be replaced soon, or can be left alone for a few more years.