Imperial Pool Builders, serving Champaign & Decatur Illinois talk about hot tubsĀ 

You love your swimming pool, but what can you do to love it even more? You may wonder, “is it time to get a hot tub?” If you want to be able to spend time in water in your backyard year-round, a hot tub or spa will help you realize that dream. If you want to add some more pizazz to your pool and outdoor living space, a hot tub will do just that, the swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pool Builders explain.

Is it time to get a hot tub?

Here are questions to ask yourself before making a hot tub decision.

  1. Do you want a stand alone model or one that is part of your existing pool?
  2. Do you want a swim-through style where you go from the pool to the hot tub without getting out of the water?
  3. Do you want it indoors our out? An indoor hot tub is an option, but requires and planning to make it idealhot tub on deck

Here is advice on hot tub installation:

  • Decide on size, style and location of the jets
  • Determine the number of seats you want and their height
  • Know how many people will typically use the hot tub
  • Do you want the hot tub or spa as a way to relax and unwind or do you want it for therapy? The answers to those questions will narrow down the type and style of structure and the style of jets.
  • What is your budget? Don’t forget to budget for upkeep as well as increases in utility bills and the cost of the hot tub.
  • Budget for a hot tub cover.

While most hot tub owners enjoy their hot tubs more in the cooler weather, they are ideal for year-round use.