Is a fiberglass pool right for you? It’s a question you will want to ask your pool contractor from Imperial Pools in Decatur, Illinois when you’re in the process of planning for your swimming pool project. Fiberglass is one of the choices of pool construction material. You can also choose a gunite pool or a vinyl liner pool.

Each construction material brings with it its own unique advantages and potential disadvantages, but it is such a personal choice that you need to do your research and get the material that makes the most sense for you and your family and your budget.

Fiberglass has many benefits, but make sure you look at drawbacks — you want a completely rounded point of reference when you’re making an investment this major.

In addition to looking at the construction material you will want to consider:

  1. How big of a pool you want
  2. What shape
  3. Where will you place it
  4. How much maintenance and upkeep are you willing to do
  5. What is your budget

Is a fiberglass pool right for you?

When considering a fiberglass swimming pool here are some of its benefits as a construction material:

  • Of all the construction materials and processes, fiberglass pool projects are quick
  • Easier to maintain.
  • Less prone to algae because the sides are so smooth, algae can’t take hold
  • It is a pool material that can survive temperature fluctuations and extreme temperature swings
  • pH levels are more stable
  • They typically require fewer chemicals to keep the water clean
  • Price-wise, they are a mid-range. Gunite being the priciest; vinyl liner is the least expensive

Fiberglass construction steps involve your pool contractor excavating the area, laying plumbing and electrical lines then placing the fiberglass shell into the excavated hole. When you’re doing your research on pool construction materials ask for all of the ins and outs on construction as well as on maintenance and upkeep going forward — those will factor into the overall and ongoing costs of pool ownership.