Choose a pool design and pool construction materials: Imperial Pool Builders offer tips The design of your swimming pool is one of the biggest things you will have to decide when you’re talking with a pool contractor in Champaign, Illinois. Do you want a pool next summer? Are you hoping to have a swimming pool constructed this year — before the end of 2018? There’s still time! how to design your swimming pool is something you and your pool contractor can work through when you’re ready for that backyard swimming pool you and your family have always dreamed of!

What goes into choosing the swimming pool design for your project? There are many factors to consider and your pool contractor will walk you through the process and help you make the best decisions for your unique project.

To fully understand the best swimming pool shape and design for your project, you will first talk with your pool contractor and look at the shape and existing landscape of your yard. You will look at the available space as well as the pool building material.

How to design your swimming pool

  •  Choose the building material
  • What yard space do you have available; what yard space do you want to give up?
  • How you will use the pool — family gatherings, exercise or both
  • What is your budget
  • How much time do you want to spend cleaning the pool? Some building materials take less time to clean and require fewer chemicals

The pool construction material will also be determined by your budget. Once you have that determined, then you can choose the pool shape.

Choose a pool design

  1. Do you have a “yard with a view”? Opt for an infinity pool.
  2. Do you want a traditional pool shape — kidney or rectangle? These shapes have endured because they’re popular. Enhance your traditionally-shaped pool with a stunning outdoor living space.
  3. Lap pool. This is ideal if you have a long, narrow yard and don’t want to devote your entire yard to it.
  4. Want to keep your current landscape, then opt for a freeform pool.
  5. A contemporary design could mean your pool is octagon- or L-shaped
  6. Don’t forget to lose yourself in the unique color choices for your pool!

Magazines, online searches and television and home improvement shows are ideal ways to find pool design inspiration that you can discuss with your pool contractor.