How to design a swimming pool: Imperial Pool Builders offer inspiration

The choices and decisions you have to make when you decide to become a swimming pool owner can be mind-boggling. The idea of how to design a swimming pool is one you will be asked many questions about from your swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pool Builders.  You will be asked myriad questions and offered just as many options, but your pool contractor can help you narrow down your choices and help assure you will be getting the best pool for your money and that it will be a pool your family will love for years to come.

Swimming pools are no longer relegated to the kidney or rectangle shapes they traditionally were. Depending on the type of pool construction material you use, you can let your imagination run wild when it comes to the pool shape — concrete is the most versatile of pool construction and design materia

How to design a swimming pool

After you’ve decided on the pool shape, you will talk with your pool contractor to determine the color of pool you want. You will then need to decide what kind of accessories you want in the pool, and what will help you achieve your family’s pool lifestyle dreams. If you have the budget for it, talk with us about incorporating incorporate mosaic tiles and designs and making an underwater mural on the pool’s floor or sides.

Do you want a hot tub or spa as part of the pool project? You can have a stand alone hot tub or you can have a hot tub that allows you to swim right into it from the pool. Having a hot tub means you can swim year round — even a swim up hot tub style when the pool is closed in the winter.

Don’t forget to determine the type of landscaping you want for the pool area and for the rest of your yard. Will you have an outdoor living space? A gazebo or pool house? Do you want your pool to be close to your house or do you want it in a secluded area of the yard that is landscaped like a rainforest? Consider the number of hours you will spend out of the water, poolside, and design an outdoor living space that enhances your time both in and out of the pool.

You will need a swimming pool fence, but just because it’s mandatory for safety reasons, doesn’t mean it can’t be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Look for a fence design that combines form and function.

When you work closely with a trusted and experienced swimming pool contractor he can make te construction project move smoothly and help you with all of the decisions you will be asked to make.