Okay, stick with us, here. Have you ever considered celebrating some of your holidays in the backyard? Around the swimming pool? Sure, it’s is probably chilly where you live, but if you know how to decorate the backyard for the holidays you can spend some fun time out of doors with the family and make new memories and start a new tradition!

The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools in Champaign, Illinois understand traditions start with someone being brave enough to take a chance. Here are some ways you can decorate the backyard and have fun there with friends and family. Make sure you pack your winter clothes and that you have scarves, hats, mittens and other warm weather gear available for those friends and family who may not have dressed warmly enough.

How to decorate the backyard for the holidays

  1. If you’re hosting a night time party, invest in lighted snowflake decorations and string them around the backyard in addition to other Christmas lighting and twindle lights to add to the ambiance and wintery feel.
  2. Add potted pine trees or Christmas cactus to the outdoor decorations to really add to the holiday feel. You may want to consider purchasing enough plants that your guests can take one home as a party favor. Have a tree or plant decorating party with lights, decorations and even handmade snowflakes and other decorations. Put a number on the bottom of each pot and on the bottom of each person’s chair or pull numbers from a hat and then take home the plant or tree that matches the number you drew or let them take home the tree they decorated.
  3. Gather guests (making sure they knew to bring snowpants, jackets, mittens and hats) and have a group snowman or snow woman building activity. Work together on one snowman or you host a competition to see who can build the biggest, best or cutest. Have carrots, pieces of coal or black painted rocks, scarves, twigs for arms and other accessories to decorate your snow creations. If you will never have snow where you live, pick up some blow up beach balls to make snowmen. Paint your creations with fake canned snow to add to the winter wonderland feel or you leave them with their crazy beach-ball colors. When decorating a beach ball, use cut out pieces of felt for the nose, eyes and buttons stick them to the creations with a glue stick. If you’re not going to reuse the snowmen, blow the balls up and glue them together with a super glue before the guests arrive.
  4. Love the smell of pine? String pinecones from trees and other outdoor items and spray with pine or cinnamon scents to add to the holiday feeling.
  5. Heat the area by lighting a fire in teh fire pit or invest in outdoor heaters. Have blankets available for your guests to wrap up in while they sip mulled cider and eggnog.

Start a new tradition everyone will be talking about until next year!