How to choose a pool, Imperial Pool Builders offer tips

The easiest decision you will likely make when you decide you want a swimming pool is… saying yes to a pool! Next comes the decisions on how to choose a pool and what you want in your swimming pool, where you want it placed and who to use as your pool contractor. The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pool Builders offer this list of items to consider both before and during the pool exploration and decision-making stage of your family’s backyard pool project.

Whether you’re looking at new pool construction or a swimming pool remodel, there are many items you will want to take into consideration so you’re thrilled with the outcome.

How to choose a pool

What should you keep in mind? Here are a fewswimming pool design

  1. Safety items. A pool safety fence will be required by law. There are other measures pool owners take to enhance pool safety. These include: pool alarms, using pool safety covers and even motion-activated security cameras that will let you know if anyone, or anything, gets inside the pool fencing. In-pool lighting is also a safety measure that you should discuss with us during the pool design phase.
  2. Pool upkeep. In addition to paying for pool construction you plan for ongoing maintenance and upkeep costs. These costs include: weekly service, maintenance of the pumps and filters and other equipment, increases in utility bills and others.
  3. Deciding the type of pool you want. This is the fun part! You will be choosing the pool building material, the size and shape of the pool and the accessories you want to have included as part of the project. These accessories include: a diving board, a slide, sun shelves, a beach entry, a vanishing edge, a fountain, rock waterfall, and others. You may even want to have a hot tub or spa added as part of the overall project. Consider having a swim-up spa which means you can swim right from the pool into the hot tub!
  4. The type of pool equipment. You will make decisions on items that aren’t visible that add to the efficiency and operation of the pool. Those include the type and style of pump, filter, pool heater and other equipment. Ask us about the ROI on the items you’re considering as overall efficiency ratings will save you money over the life of your pool, even if you’re paying a bit more up front.
  5. Pool decking, coping and outdoor living area. You won’t always be in the water and chances are you will want to add a deck or outdoor living space as a place to kick back and relax poolside.If your budget allows you may want to add a gazebo, pool house or even an outdoor kitchen. Even if you don’t do all of the construction at one time, knowing where it will all eventually be placed, will help with the overall design of your pool project.

If you are looking at becoming a pool owner in the next year, now is the time to begin making your pool construction decisions. Give us a call today!