Imperial Pools, Inc., serving Decatur & Champaign, tell how to buy a hot tub

How to buy a hot tub

A hot tub or spa can be a stand alone water-filled structure, it can be added to the swimming pool itself. You could even have a hot tub or spa installed in an extra room in your home — if you have one. When you’re wondering how to buy a hot tub, the swimming pool and hot tub contractors from Imperial Pools, Inc. offer these tips to make your shopping experience and hot tub ownership a great one:

  • Do you want an inground, portable or built-in spa? Deciding this may hinge on your budget. Also, the type of hot tub or spa you invest in will need landscaping and you will want to budget for that. 
  • Decide on accessories or extras. These could include various types of jets, towel heaters, a refrigerator, outdoor entertainment center and others.
  • A hot tub cover is not an accessory, it should be a must-have item that you need to budget for. Insulated covers keep heated water trapped and cut down on utility bills.
  • Budget for ongoing hot tub or spa maintenance.
  • Ask us to explain the various therapeutic benefits of different jets. Shop in a bathing suit and sit in a hot tub to test various jets and their location so you can know what you’re getting.

The hot tub and spa decision-making process should not be a snap decision. Once you have your hot tub or spa installed it will be an accessory that you and your family will enjoy for countless hours!