Is there a one-size-fits-all answer to how much does it cost to maintain a pool? The Champaign, Illinois pool contractors from Imperial Pools, inc. explain there isn’t. There are so many factors that figure into the cost of pool maintenance and they include size of the pool, depth of the pool, how often it’s used if it’s heated if family dogs use it and on and on!

During the pool construction project, we urge our customers to budget for ongoing maintenance and also for increases in utility bills and we can offer an average or an approximation of what it might cost because we want to help you budget and be able to afford all aspects of pool ownership.

A pool is a wonderful addition to your home, your life and a great place for a staycation — which many people did and continue to do during the coronavirus pandemic. You can have fun and get in shape all in the same place — your family pool. Pools are not inexpensive but once you get one, it is a place you will definitely get your money’s worth.

Pool owners can certainly DIY cleaning and maintenance but many find it costs less to hire us to take care of that. It certainly frees up your time to enjoy the pool when you have free time, rather than having to clean the pool during your free time.

How much does it cost to maintain a pool?

Here are items we take into consideration when giving an estimate on pool maintenance.

  • The size of the pool matters — the bigger the pool, the more it costs to service
  • The shape of the pool can be a factor
  • The frequency the pool is uses. If you use it more and have a lot of people in it it will usually cost more to maintain than if it isn’t used often and if only a couple people use it
  • Construction material determines the cost. Fiberglass is considered the easiest to clean, gunite is the “hardest” because of the fact the surface isn’t necessarily smooth
  • Whether you use a pool cover will determine the cost of cleaning and frequency of cleaning
  • Will you clean and skim debris between service visits?
  • Will your family dog be in the pool?
  • How energy efficient is your pool equipment?
  • And more

Give us a call and let us come out and give you an estimate on pool cleaning, service and maintenance.