Your swimming pool is the focal point of your backyard and that is what you want, right? Of course it is! But… have you thought about how landscaping enhances the pool aesthetic? A little bit of creative landscaping will keep your pool still the center of attention, but will make the time you spend around the pool even more relaxing and pleasing to the senses.

The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools, the best pool builder in Champaign, Illinois, work with pool owners to assure the pool is constructed of the highest quality components and at the highest level of expertise. They do talk with pool owners who may want to wait on pool landscaping because their budget has gone into the pool construction itself.

Take a little time, though, to consider how much time you will spend around the pool. It might be more time than you spend in the pool. Having an area in which to relax when you’re not swimming will also help you get more enjoyment out of the pool itself.

 How landscaping enhances the pool aesthetic

Here are a few landscaping items to consider.

  1. If you have a rock waterfall, incorporate “plant pockets.” These are essentially planter boxes that are seated into the waterfall and lend an exotic feel to the waterfall and makes it feel like you’re in a rainforest. These planter pockets or planter boxes can be situated in various areas on the waterfall to make it appear as though the plants are naturally growing there.
  2. Planter boxes can go on a rock waterfall or they can be seated into areas of the pool itself — like any other water feature. You can incorporate the planter boxes to complement your pool’s unique design and have them settled along the perimeter of the pool.
  3. Moveable planters such as ornamental pots, plants and urns gives you the flexibility to move the planters around as a way to change up the look of the pool and outdoor living space. You can also invest in tall plants that can act as privacy screens or offer shade. Having these plants and urns on wheels makes it a breeze to move them around.

Don’t forget that your privacy fence doesn’t have to be an eyesore. The privacy fence can add to the aesthetic beauty of the pool area. You will need a fence, and there’s no reason it can’t add to the pool aesthetic. Give us a call and let’s talk about your poolside landscaping.