You want a swimming pool, but you don’t want to give up the entire yard to a swimming pool. You want to get fit in yoru swimming pool, but you want somethiing more than swimming laps as your exercise routine. Have you ever considered getting a swim spa? Champaign & Decatur, IL pool builders from Imperial Pools explain what a swim spa is and why you might want one.

Anyone who owns a swimming pool will tell you swimming is healthful and relaxing. If you swim you’re getting a great cardio vascular workout without adding any stress to your joints. A swim workout tones your muscles, burns calories and doesn’t even seem like a workout!

Have you ever considered getting a swim spa?

When deciding whether to get a traditional swimming pool pool or a swim spa, talk with us. The budget for the project and the space you have available are two factors to consider in whether you will get a swim spa or a pool.  A swim spa might cost around $20,000.

What are benefits of a swim spa and what exactly is a swim spa?

  • Swim spas don’t take up as much space as traditional pools do
  • Swim spas are equipped with jets to help you work “harder” when you’re swimming as you will be “swimming upstream” into the force of the jets. A spa workout is much like running on a treadmill because you’re “swimming in place” against the current.
  • Having your own swim spa means you can swim when you want

Make certain you won’t want to eventually expand from a swim spa to a traditional swimming pool– it can be done, but it will be costly. You may be happy with a swim spa for the length of time you live in your home — many people are. This is a viable alternative to a full sized swimming pool and you don’t always need to have the jets on.

Ask us for information and to help you make a decisoin on whether a swim spa is a viable option.