Is an above ground pool right for you? There are many reasons an above ground pool might be the right option for your family and here are a few the swimming pool builders from Imperial Pools in Champaign, Illinois share:

  1. You may not be at your current location for a lot of years
  2. You don’t have the money to spend on an in ground pool
  3. You want to “test drive” a pool before you commit to an in ground model (remember an above ground pool doesn’t cost pennies — it is still an investment)
  4. You don’t want to give up too much of your yard space. Consider an in ground lap pool if yard space is a consideration.
  5. You want a pool that you could potentially take with you when you move
  6. You’re renting a house, not buying it and want a pool.

An above ground swimming pool is not something that every pool contractor will want to erect on your behalf, but you may find a contractor who will work with you to put your above ground pool up. You will also need to decide whether you will clean and maintain the pool on your own or whether you will hire a pool service contractor to care for the pool for you.

Is an above ground pool right for you?

Here are above ground pool options to consider:

  1. A hybrid above ground pool is a mix of a resin pool and a steel pool. The materials provide advantages of both materials and help make the pool more durable.
  2. A steel pool is strong and one of the most expensive styles. The steel in a steel above ground pool is heavy coated metal, aluminum or galvanized metal.

Shop for pricing options that fit with your family budget. Shop for pool equipment that will help your pool run at peak efficiency — you don’t want to skimp on energy efficient equipment. Remember, too that every swimming pool — whether above ground or in ground — needs to have a pool safety fence and you will also want to invest in pool safety equipment that makes the pool as safe as possible. Call us to see if an above ground pool or an in ground pool is best for your family.