Imperial Pool Builders, serving Champaign & Decatur, IL offer pool get fit tips

When you have a swimming pool you and your family are able to not only have fun, but get fit in a way in which it doesn’t really feel like exercise! Even swimming laps in a pool doesn’t feel like work because you glide through the water, get a great cardiovascular workout and don’t have to break a sweat!

Talk with your swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools, Inc and you will likely uncover how to get healthy in your swimming pool, including:

  • Swimming may not help you shed pounds at a great rate, but you can burn close to 300 calories for every 30 swim workout minutes of pool time. Eating healthier meals and swimming, as a combination, might make your weight drop.
  • Swimming works all of your muscle groups and you get a total body workout. Your heart rate increases and this stimulates your circulation.
  • Swimming laps helps you strengthen your lungs and increases your lung capacity. As we age, having lung capacity is a great way to improve lung function which decreases with age.
  • Swimming can also be beneficial for children and adults who suffer asthma. Bear in mind though, that swimming in indoor chlorinated swimming pools can make asthma symptoms worse. It’s best to swim in a well-ventilated, or outdoor swimming pool if you suffer asthma. And to ask your doctor before starting any kind of workout routine.
  • When you swim you get a great workout but you don’t have to worry about any stress or strain on your muscles and joints.

Talk with your pool contractor to see if there are accessories you can purchase to enhance your workouts.