Financial planning for a swimming pool project is something that many families believe they have under control when they reach out to a swimming pool contractor. The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools in Decatur, Illinois, understand there are many items that someone who is not involved in the pool industry may be unaware of.

Part of the process of becoming a swimming pool owner is the choosing of a contractor and the many, many decisions that come with working with a swimming pool contractor to have a pool constructed. There are many questions you may know to ask, but there are others you may not be aware of when it comes to your pool project.

There are many upfront costs associated with a new pool project and there are underlying and ongoing costs of pool ownership that you need to budget for.

Financial planning for a swimming pool project

You can’t simply call a pool contractor and ask, “What does it cost to get a swimming pool.” There is one one size fits all answer, although your pool contractor can give you an average price, but be aware that that is not the easiest thing to nail down either. Every pool owner is unique and every pool project is unique and that makes the “average” price of a pool almost impossible to calculate.

As a baseline, here are some costs you need to prepare for when talking with a pool contractor.

  1. The size of the pool
  2. The placement of it and what type of landscaping or tree removal will need to be done before the pool goes in
  3. The building material you will choose for your pool (concrete, vinyl liner or fiberglass)
  4. Any accessories you want for the pool — diving board, slide, heater, hot tub or spa, beach entry, etc.
  5. The plumbing and electrical that will need to be run
  6. The type pool cover you will get — a manual one or an electric one
  7. Automation like an in pool vacuum
  8. The cost for ongoing maintenance
  9. Inclusion of safety features including the safety fence
  10. Increases in your home utility bills

Work with a swimming pool contractor who will take the time to answer your questions and who will bring up topics you’d never considered. Take your time finding a pool contractor — this is a major project and you need a contractor you feel comfortable with.

Happy swimming!