Does my pool need resurfacing? Imperial Pool Builders explain

When you have owned and loved your swimming pool for any length of time, the question will inevitably arise, does my pool need resurfacing? The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pool Builders explain that with a gunite, aka concrete, swimming pool that at some point it will need to be resurfaced. A gunite pool will typically last for about a dozen years before it will need to be resurfaced, so rest assured, you have many years from the time you construct your pool before you have to undertake this project.

How much will this project cost? There is no one-size-fits-all price because there are myriad factors your pool contractor needs to take into consideration. If you feel or if your contractor has mentioned that it’s time for a pool resurfacing, now is the ideal time of year to kick off that project. What will prompt a resurfacing? Cracked, chipped or discolored concrete, as this can lead to damage to the pool or a trip or fall hazard if not addressed.

Does my pool need resurfacing?

Improper water chemistry, exposure to sun and weather in general can damage the surface. fiberglass-pool-2

The cost to resurface a pool costs more in a larger pool than in a small one, naturally. Choosing a finish made of quartz or glass will bring with it a higher price tag than will a plaster finish. Before a resurfacing project is necessary, your pool contractor will recommend an acid wash to renew the look of the gunite and to remove any cracked or chipped concrete.

The cost for the project could run between $4 to $5 per square foot of internal pool surface area being resurfaced. Plaster-based resurfacing materials cost less than pebble-based, but will not last as long as pebble-based plasters.

A pool resurfacing project can be a stand alone or one that is completed as part of a larger overall pool renovation or remodeling project.