Imperial Pool Builders, serving Champaign, Illinois discuss outdoor shower options

Does an outdoor shower make sense? It’s a question the swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools, Inc. get asked from time to time. You already know that your swimming pool is a great place for you and your family to spend time together. You also know that if you have a pool house or an outdoor changing area, you can keep the kids with wet bathing suits out of the house, right? What about having an outdoor shower constructed as a way to make it easier for people to change into their suit, take a shower and then jump into the pool? An outdoor shower, with an enclosure would make that a reality along with being able to change out of a bathing suit and rinsing off chlorine once you’re done swimming.

What should go into your outdoor shower project? Consider its location and the plumbing you’d have available for the project. It can be as simple an utilitarian as a shower head with no curtain to a massaging showerhead with a curtained or more substantial enclosure. Keep in mind that the further you have to run plumbing and if you want the shower to have heated water, you will be adding to the cost of the project.

Does an outdoor shower make sense

Decide whether you want your outdoor shower to be constructed of wood, of materials to match your swimming pool decor or something that will make it seem to blend into your backyard landscaping in a more natural way. swimming pool shower If you’re seeking functionality over form, opt for a  metal shower rod with a curtain that wraps around and use that to enclose the shower when you’re taking one. The possibilities for your outdoor shower are limited only by your imagination and your budget.

After you’ve talked with your pool contractor and determined that this is a project you want to do, you may need to check with local zoning officers and see if you need building permits or inspections of the project; that will depend on the size and scope you choose. Once you know the type of outdoor shower you want, you need to determine its location  it makes sense to locate it adjacent to the pool so you’re not running through the yard and tracking grass or mud into the swimming pool. This is a personal choice and may also be predicated on the layout of your yard, the plumbing and electrical set up and the existing swimming pool landscaping.

If adding an outdoor shower is on your wish list for the 2017 swim season, talk with us today to get the project underway.