Becoming a swimming pool owner involves a lot of moving parts. When you work with a swimming pool contractor from Imperial Pool Builders, serving Champaign & Decatur, IL will make the process easier. Do you need permits for your pool project? That is a question they can answer and help you navigate the steps necessary to obtain them if that’s necessary.

Typically, any project you undertake at your home — a pool installation or building a deck or adding a room into your house, requires some conversation with a building or zoning officer to assure everything is up to code.

Your pool contractor will help you obtain the permits and work with the local zoning and building officials to get the project underway. In many areas of the country, municipalities will require site visits and inspections of the project before, during and after construction.

Do you need permits for your pool project?

working with one of the experienced pool contractors from Imperial will make the process move along smoothly as he or she can help you with the paperwork and with assuring the building and zoning officers that the project meets all local requirements.

Prior to construction, your pool contractor will explain the laws about construction project setbacks and construction in relation to your property lines. He or she understands the legalities and lets you know where your pool can be situated. Property line setbacks may mean you have to scale back the size of your pool project but you need to know that before you jump into excavation — and your pool contractor knows and understands this.

Building and zoning requirements are in place to help assure minimum construction requirements are met and to ensure safety compliance for construction projects.

If you want to add an outdoor living space to your pool, ask us about that during the initial site conversations. Even if you don’t add it immediately, you want to make sure you have the space available to add it some time down the road.