You’ve decided to take the plunge and get your own family swimming pool this year! Congratulations! You can talk to the swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pool Builders about how to design your family swimming pool.  There are many questions you will need to consider and many questions we will ask you to help you narrow down the ideal type of swimming pool for your family. Yes, you will start with the budget you have for the swimming pool, but you will want to know what the must haves for the project are as comopared to the would-be-nice-to-have items in your swimming pool.

We can work with you to narrow down your project ideas and help you realize the dream of swimming pool ownership.

Design your family swimming pool

Whether you want a traditionally shaped pool — think rectangle or kidney shaped or a design that is of your imagination or one that you’ve seen on television or in a magazine, you can talk with us and work out the details to help you realize that dream. The type of pool construction material you choose: concrete, fiberglass or a vinyl liner will dictate some of the pool’s shape, but with most pool materials, the sky can be the limit.

Once the pool shape has been determined, you will choose the pool accessories and where you will want the pool placed in the yard. Remember, the size of your yard may dictate the shape of your pool, but your contractor will walk you through those decisions.

Will you want a hot tub or spa? Do you want a stand alone structure or do you want to have a swim-up spa built into the end of your pool? These are decisions you will need to make in the initial phases of the project.

Decking and landscaping around the pool and the outdoor living space will need to be decided upon. Don’t forget you will probably spend more time around the pool than you will in the pool, so put serious thought into the poolside amenities.

Will you want a gazebo or pool house?  Consider the number of hours you will spend out of the water, poolside, and design an outdoor living space that enhances your time both in and out of the pool.

Don’t forget to factor in the budget for fencing. Just because fencing is mandatory it doesn’t mean the fence can’t be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

Work closely with a swimming pool contractor who will listen to you and help you realize your swimming pool dream.