Swimming pools are notoriously non-eco-friendly but the swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pool Builders know there are ways to be more environmentally friendly and still own a pool. Could your pool be more eco-friendly? Maybe!

Being eco-friendly in your swimming pool care could be as much about wanting to preserve and protect the environment as it is about not wanting to swim in what some people call a “chemical soup” when you’re in the pool. This is a concern for individuals with young children in the house as well as those with sensitive skin.

Chemicals have traditionally been part of swimming pool ownership as a way to keep the water sanitized and free from bacteria — swimming in bacteria-laden water is as unhealthy as swimming in water with chemicals. There are ways you can have a safe, bacteria-free pool and cut back on the number of chemicals you use to make that happen.

Could your pool be more eco-friendly?

Using fewer chemicals may save you money on pool care. If that’s a concern, then it’s a win-win!

Here are ways to be environmentally- and eco-friendly in your pool:

  1. Variable speed pool pumps won’t necessarily save on any chemicals, but a variable speed pump will definitely use fewer fossil fuels to operate. A new variable speed pump will cost, on average around $1,000. You will quickly notice a return on your investment when operating it of up to 70% in the first month of using it. Variable speed pumps run at lower speeds for water circulation and at higher speeds when you’re vacuuming. Even if you run a variable speed pump 24 hours a day, it will still be more cost-effective than running a single speed pump for only half of that time.
  2. Update pool equipment. Yes, this is an upfront expense, but depending on the age and quality of your current equipment you will reap savings in short order. Look for as energy-efficient equipment as you can afford.
  3. Add timers. Programming pool functions help realize energy efficiencies because you can program the pump to run during the off hours and “set it and forget it” you won’t forget to turn it on or off and that’s peace of mind.
  4. Run pool equipment during off-peak hours. Many electric companies lower rates from about 9 pm to 9 am. Running the swimming pool pump at night can generate substantial savings.
  5. Switch to a salt water chlorination system. This will help you use fewer chemicals to keep the pool water clean and clear. Salt water is considered “softer” and leaves skin feeling silky smooth. The chlorination system will cost you a substantial amount up front, but you will save money over the life of your pool in the cost of chemicals and you will have more peace of mind using fewer chemicals.
  6. If you’re heating the water, use a solar cover. Invest in a solar water heating system and harness the energy of the sun to warm the water. When you use solar Heat the pool water with a solar heating system. When you use solar power you are not using any fossil fuels.

The next time we pay a service visit let’s sit down (socially distant, of course) and talk about how your pool can be more eco-friendly and your reasons for wanting to make that switch.