Imperial Pool Builders explain benefits of solar pool heating

This summer has been dry and overly hot in many areas of the country and many swimming pool owners haven’t had to rely on any kind of heating units to keep the pool water swimmable. If, however, you want to keep your pool water warm enough for swimming after the traditional end of the swim season, there are benefits of solar pool heating.

Talk with the swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pool Builders in Champaign, Illinois to fully understand how solar works and how to get the most out of a solar heating system. Swimming pool owners are always looking for ways to enjoy their swimming pools for longer amounts of time during the sometimes too short swim season and adding a pool heating unit will help do just that.

Benefits of solar pool heating

Here are three steps to keep in mind with solar pool heating:benefits of solar pool heating

  1. The solar heating unit needs to be placed in the area of highest sun exposure. Take time to determine which area of your yard receives the most sunlight throughout the day. Using a solar pool cover in addition to the solar heating unit will help your system work better and keep the water warmer, longer.
  2. Keep the solar heat collection units out of the path of direct wind. Strong wind can lead to the water evaporating more quickly and with convection heat, wind blowing across it will impact its effectiveness.
  3. Ask that the solar heating collectors are placed parallel. If the panels are set up in a series, there will be resistance that will add up and minimize its effectiveness. Setting them up parallel divides the energy and makes it work more efficiently and effectively.

Research and understand the various types of solar heating units available, how they work, what they will cost to operate and how long it will take for you to reap a return on investment in the solar heating units. You will also need to decide whether you really need or want to heat your pool water and if so, for how many months of the swim season — this will help you determine the best type of heating unit for your pool — it may be solar or gas or electric. Explore all options, gather all pricing and make an informed decision.