Imperial Pool Builders, serving Champaign & Decatur, Illinois discuss spring pool construction projects 


If you missed the 2015 swim season, there is no time like the present to start your plans for the 2016 pool season. In fact, the swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pool Builders explain that now is the ideal time to talk with them about your summer 2016 pool project because construction could kick off in early spring so you don’t miss another day of a swim season.

Whether you want to get on a schedule for an autumn pool construction project or better yet, a spring construction project there are many benefits to beginning the research and planning for the project right now. Here are some benefits to a spring time pool construction project:

  • New technologies and pool models and designs are typically released in the spring.  A spring project means you get the latest and greatest available.Pool Builder Mahomet IL
  • Beat the summer construction rush by planning a spring project. Start making decisions now on size, style and placement now and get on the schedule for a spring construction.
  • Planting and landscaping is better done in the spring when plants are more amenable to being moved around and planted.
  • The pool will be ready for summer. You won’t miss another day of summer swimming if you have your pool constructed in the spring.
  • You may find better prices on 2015 pool models and technologies because prices will go up in the spring and summer.

One potential drawback to a spring project could be muddy ground caused by spring showers or melting snow.

Now that the 2015 pool season is over, there is a more leisurely pace for making decisions on your swimming pool project. Give us a call and set up a time begin the discussion!