Backfill Eliminator

The best solution for tanning ledge support

The Backfill Eliminator™; A Cutting Edge Innovation

Fiberglass pool owners love the luxury of being able to bask in the sun while cooling their heels in the water on a large, built-in tanning ledge. However, these ledges have created a major challenge for fiberglass pool installers, as they have struggled to find ways to support the ledges with backfill during installation.

Traditionally, crushed stone or flowable fill have been used. But if the backfill is not properly completed, the tanning ledge can feel hollow as it is stepped on. Over time, the backfill can also shift and settle, creating a void.


Problem Solved

To solve this problem, Thursday Pools has created their patent-pending Backfill Eliminator™, a specially fabricated structure integrated into the bottom of the pool. The Backfill Eliminator™:

  • Allows sturdy and level installation.

  • Permits free flow of groundwater, eliminating the possibility of stagnant water accumulating under the pool or excess groundwater lifting the pool.

  • Features an access point from which pool installers can easily reach plumbing and wiring.

The Backfill Eliminator™ works in tandem with Thursday Pools’ patented Geo-Anchor Fiberglass Pool Walls, which are built-in extensions that allow fiberglass pools to be anchored to the earth during installation. It’s a composite structure that has an extra thick honeycomb core and numerous support pillars. The structure is added during the manufacturing process and encases the tanning ledge on the underside of the pool. The Backfill Eliminator™ provides lifetime structural support to the tanning ledge and one continuous slope for excavation, making it as easy to install as any other fiberglass pool.

The patent-pending Backfill Eliminator™ is just one more way Thursday Pools is working to improve the fiberglass pool experience.